Continuing Education Plan

Equipping, Challenging, Refreshing

Professional Leaders in the

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) expects professional leaders to possess a thorough grounding in the Christian faith and Holy Scriptures coupled with an understanding of the world and society in which ministry must take place.  Servant leaders need to grow continually in understanding and competence in order to be faithful in discipleship. The Continuing Education Plan (CEP) of the ELCIC, under the direction of the Program Committee for Leadership for Ministry, (PCLM) offers the means by which Rostered and non-Rostered employees may:

  • further develop present knowledge and skills;
  • acquire new knowledge and skills; and
  • experience growth for more effective ministry.

You may want to consider these suggestions for leaning-opportunities.

Here are the links to the detailed plan information

Short Term Plan Text      Long Term Plan Text