CEP Long Term Study

Long-term study funds are intended to support members in developing knowledge and skills and in experiencing growth for more effective ministry.

Engaging ELCIC Professional Leaders in life-long learning

Information for Accessing Long-Term Study Funds


A member must have been an active contributor to CEP for at least one full year and have been in an ELCIC approved ministry for at least three years.

All study leaves must be related to the member’s job responsibilities or to a recognized degree program (academic or clinical) requiring full-time residency or be engaged in part-time study toward an advanced degree.

A member who is applying for long-term funds is expected to use funds from his or her CEP member account in support of his or her long-term study goals. With each submission for reimbursement of long term study costs, 90% will be funded from the grant account and 10% will be withdrawn from the individual’s member account.

Application Aproval

An application form must be completed and submitted to PCLM by January 15th each year for the upcoming academic year for which funds are required.

CEP Long Term Study Leave Form

The member must first have permission for an extended leave of absence (3 months or more) from their employer/congregation and their Synodical Bishop, or be engaged in part-time study toward an advanced degree.  All extended study leave for pastors are to be planned with the Synodical Bishop for purposes of career counselling and so that adequate arrangements can be made for pastoral services during the absence.

Tax Information

As the funds in this account are accumulated from employer/congregation contributions and have not been taxed to the applicant, all disbursements must qualify as eligible education expenses within the interpretation of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

The education event must consist of formal classes, seminars or conferences for either:

  • subjects taken for maintenance or upgrading of skills related directly to the responsibilities of the member’s employment with the congregation; or
  • general matters relating to employment (for example:  time management, how to supervise employees or volunteers, crisis management etc).

Alternatively, certain applications may qualify as project eligible as a grant where a T4A will be issued for the amount awarded and expense receipts need not be submitted.

Members who are awarded long-term funds will be asked to submit a report to PCLM that briefly describes the activities, insights and benefits of their studies.

Available Funds

The maximum amount available per member for any one year will be $5,000.  The amount may depend on the overall availability of funds and number of applicants.  Consideration will be given to need.  The total amount allocated per member in any 10-year period shall not exceed $25,000.

Salary During Study Leave

The employer/congregation will be encouraged to continue a portion of the member’s salary during this leave (e.g. 3 years 20%; 4 years – 30%; 5 years 40%; 6 years – 50% etc.)  This would include the understanding that the member returns to the employer/congregation for at least one year following the study leave if the employer/congregation desires that the member return.

updated and approved March 2015