What We Do

ELCIC Group Services Inc is responsible for facilitating, providing and administering employment benefits and retirement income programs and services for the employees of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), its member congregations and other entities associated with ELCIC.

Mission Statement

GSI administers pension and benefits plans that enhance the well-being of employees who serve in the ELCIC and its affiliates.

Logo   ELCIC_logo2

The logo symbolizes a number of aspects of GSI’s mission.

  • The four points form the pattern of a cross signifying our work as part of the Church.
  • The four points are also the points of a compass as we endeavour to:
    • guide our plan members to understand their benefits and plan for retirement, and
    • assist treasurers of our congregations to navigate to complexities of payroll, benefits and statutory responsibilities.
  • The cross or compass is tilted at 23 degrees which is the tilt of the Earth’s axis, denoting creationcare and the wellness aspect of our programs and work.
  • The circle format represents the circle of life as we administer the programs through our members’ life changes, from the birth of their children to a member’s retirement or death.
  • You may see that the circle is actually 4 people holding hands.  This is the 4 employees of GSI, working together, supporting each other and our plan members and ELCIC community.

Pension Plan

GSI is the Administrator, sponsor and record keeper for the Pension Plan for Clergy and Lay Workers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church In Canada (the ELCIC Pension Plan), registered in the Province of Ontario.

Group Benefits Plan

GSI is the sole policyholder for the life insurance and long term disability policy currently in force with Co-operators Insurance and for the extended health, travel and dental plan currently in force with Manulife, and has contracted with Shepell-fgi for programs offering short term counseling and related services.

Our history

The ELCIC, at the time of merger in 1986, established the Committee of Pensions to administer the pension plan and life insurance and long term disability plan for ordained ministers and lay employees.

GSI was established in 1997 under the Manitoba Corporations Act as a “not-for-profit” corporation wholly owned by the ELCIC.

Effective April 1, 2003, GSI was approved as the Administrator of the ELCIC Pension Plan.

The national health and dental plan as well as the employee assistance program were established on January 1, 2001.