Board of Directors

The Board provides strategic direction and oversight for the affairs of the corporation and its management of the pension and benefits plans.

How The Board is Elected

National Church Council (NCC) elects the Directors of ELCIC Group Services Inc.

The Board consists of eight individuals, two of which are ELCIC Pension Plan members: one Rostered and one non-Rostered.

Directors are eligible to serve two consecutive 4-year terms.

The Officers and committees are elected by the Board of Directors from among their numbers. The Board may also appoint non-Board members to certain committees.

Board of Directors List

DirectorBoard Term
Mr. John Wolff, President2017-2021
first term
Mr. Mark Johnson, Vice-President2017-2021
second term
Dr. Pamela Giles, Secretary2015-2019
first term
Mr. Ray Henrickson, Treasurer2017-2021
first term
Rev Susan Climo, 2016-2019
completing term left by vacancy
Mr. Larry Hofmeister2015-2019
first term
Mr. Philip Lokken2015-2019
first term
Ms. Cathy Wilke2017-2021
first term

Interested in being a GSI Board member?

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please complete the Board Biographical Data Form and forward with your expression of interest to Lisa at

New board members will be elected by NCC at a meeting typically held early September.

GSI Board meetings are held in Winnipeg and typically occur two times a year, in March and November and are usually two days long each.  Additionally there could be up to 3 hours of reading time to prepare for each meeting and a few conference calls throughout the year, depending on committee work.  Board members are also expected to participate in professional development on subject matters relating to the work of GSI.

This is a volunteer position and no stipends are paid, however all expenses associated with the meetings are covered.