Here are the most commonly used forms

Completed forms can be scanned and e-mailed or faxed to our office

Employer Invoice Payment (Pre-authorized EFT)

To take advantage of a pre-authorized monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) for your pension and benefits remittances, please fill out this form and return to it to our office.

Employer Pre-Authorized Debit

Enrollment Forms

The Treasurer needs to complete the Salary Basis Calculation form for each new employee to determine their eligibility and for each subsequent change.

If the new employee is eligible the following forms should be provided to them to be completed and submitted.

ELCIC Pension Plan Enrollment form

ELCIC Group Benefits Enrollment form

CEP Enrollment Form

Employees have the option to make voluntary pension contributions up to an additional 3% of salary. If you wish to have this included on the monthly invoice, please complete Employee Voluntary Pension Contributions form and return it to GSI.

Salary Calculation Form

The Salary Calculation should be completed for all new employees and every time there is a salary change.

Salary Basis Calculation form

Life Events Forms

These forms are to be completed by the plan members when life circumstances change.

Please note that the definition of spouse is as per the group benefits insurance contract.  This may vary for the pension plan based on the jurisdiction; please consult GSI for more details.

If you have a change to your marital status please complete this form – Change of Marital Status

If you would like to update your life insurance beneficiary please complete this form and confirm that GSI has received it – Beneficiary Designation Form

To apply for the supplemental pay while on maternity and/or parental leave please complete this form – Parental Leave Form

To apply for Short-term disability, please contact the GSI office.

Here are some calculation worksheets

We hope that these worksheets will be helpful in your role as treasurer

Taxable Benefit Calculation

This worksheet calculates the taxable benefit of life insurance and add&d. Please use this to support your calculation for monthly statutory deductions. Note there has been no change in the rates from 2019.

2020 Taxable Benefit Calculation

Budget for deductions and remittances and T4 calculations

The following excel worksheet will assist in calculating your annual budget and also preparing T4 information when you complete the cells for actual amounts recorded during the year.

You will need to make the calculation for deducting federal and provincial income tax on your own.  In order make this calculation you might want to use the calculator on the CRA website.

2020 payroll and T4 calculation

2019 payroll and T4 calculation

Please Note:

While there is information on the CRA website where it appears that cash housing allowance be entered in Box 30, we caution you in completing the T4 in this manner as the amount is not relevant to the clergy residence deduction calculation.

We have noted that sometimes the formulas don’t work in the fillable pdf forms if you try to complete them while in your browser. If this happens, please download and save the form to your desktop and then open it from there and complete it.

Can’t open these files?