Access EFAP Support

To access support from Shepell, your EFAP provider, you may visit their website or call their Care Access Centre for support at 1-800-387-4765. Please click here for more information on how to access mental health support through Shepell and Manulife and get started wherever you are.

Supporting Plan Members

To support our plan members in achieving personal wellness, our benefits program includes short-term counselling. GSI also sponsors wellness fairs at National and Synodical gatherings (upon request).

Wellness Plan

Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP)

Many things can affect our ability to happily function to our maximum potential, both on the job and at home. Sometimes it is helpful to have someplace to turn for an objective point-of-view about emotional issues, family matters, workplace concerns or other personal problems, whether they are big or small. That is what the Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) is all about. EFAP services are provided through an external, independent company whose staff consists of experienced professionals, including psychologists, social workers and addictions counsellors. Christian counsellors are available on request.

Contact Information

For telephone access to counselling and advisory services:

English: 1-800-387-4765
English Hearing impaired: 1-877-388-0275
French: 1-800-361-5676
French Hearing Impaired: 1-877-388-0275

Please call the appropriate number as listed above and identify yourself as an employee (or family member of an employee) of the ELCIC.

You cannot contact a counsellor directly. You must call the number and you will be assigned an approved professional with the expertise specific to your concerns. For more serious concerns you will be referred to a professional in your community for a confidential personal consultation.

For E-Counselling or access to helpful information:

To access counselling services log on to the Members Only website.
To access the wellness resources log on to the  WorkHealthLife website.

Please see more information about the use and benefits of e-counselling below.

What the Plan Provides

EFAP is a voluntary, confidential counselling and information service, which can provide short term professional assistance for you and your eligible Dependents. Short term counselling consists of up to around 5 to 7 hours of professional assistance for each issue. If longer periods of counselling are required, your counsellor will assist in referring you to other resources.

In all circumstances EFAP offers complete privacy. In a caring and professional environment away from your work place, you can discuss personal problems and concerns with professionals who are bound by a strict code of ethics concerning confidentiality. You can always rest assured that your personal information will not be shared with anyone outside of the EFAP service provider. No one will ever know you have used the service unless you tell them yourself.

Professional Services for Employees and Family Members are listed and described in this EFAP member benefits plan program.


In-person, telephonic, video counselling, first chat, online group counselling, e-counseling, My MigoYes
Family support ProgramYes
Financial support servicesYes
legal support servicesYes
Career counselingYes
Career resiliency coachingYes
Health coachingYes
Nutritional coachingYes
Health & wellness resources kitsYes
Financial planningYes
Stress coach connectsYes
Separation & divorcesYes
Smoking cessationYes
Relationship enhancementYes
My EAP smartphone appYes
My Migo EAP appYes
Specialized manager and employee micrositesYes
Standard Promotional materialsYes
Wellness website - workhealthlife.comYes
Manager & employee orientation sessionsYes



“E-counselling” service makes the professional counselling even more accessible, by giving you and your family members the opportunity to benefit from a high level of professional service in a confidential online setting.

Some key features are described in this piece …  Wellness at your Fingertips

For many people, communicating thoughts and feelings is easier through the written word. This service is excellent for those who find face-to-face or telephonic counselling to be inconvenient or intimidating.

E-counselling provides service via a direct, one-to-one therapeutic dialogue with a professional E-counsellor over the internet and at your convenience.

All of the E-counselling services are secured using SSL-III, the most sophisticated encryption currently available (it is the encryption system currently used by Canada’s major banks). This will ensure you the highest level of security and confidentiality.

The benefits of E-counselling include:

Convenience. Employees can write to their counsellor to explore problems wherever they are and whenever they need to. E-counselling also offers a solution for those who are too busy or unable to travel to a counsellor’s office.

Fewer inhibiting factors. Offers an alternative method of addressing concerns for those uncomfortable or intimidated with traditional face-to-face assistance.

Self-paced format. Allows employees the opportunity to more fully consider the counsellor’s suggestions and their own interpretations and responses.

Information Resource Documents

These information sheets are availabe to plan members as an additional resource.

Fact Sheet – Family Support Services – Shepell fgi

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Mental Health Support – how to get started wherever you are

Shepell, your EFAP provider, can supply immediate and confidential assistance for any work, health or life concern. Their support can be accessed from across the country and plan members can get started immediately online.

Click here to read more about how you can use the resources you have to get started wherever you are.