Responsible Investing

The SIP&P requires GSI as the Plan Administrator to undertake ongoing assessments of the ELCIC Pension Plan’s investment managers with respect to the extent each analyzes and integrates Environmental, Social and Governance factors in their investment selection process.

The current ELCIC Pension Plan investment managers each have an investment policy that addresses ESG matters. A summary for each manager is available by following the links below.


Allianz Global Investors is one of the world’s leading active asset managers, providing a diverse range of active investment strategies and solutions for individual, institutional, and corporate clients around the globe. Acting upon our [Allianz’s] fiduciary role as a responsible asset manager we are committed to preserving our clients’ assets and to delivering strong long-term investment performance to help them achieve their investment objectives.

Please read Allianz’s ESG policy statement for more information.

Phillips, Hager & North (PH&N)

PH&N believes that by acting as an active, engaged and responsible owner they are better able to enhance the long-term, sustainable performance of their investment portfolios.View PH&N’s statement on Integrating ESG factors.