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CEP Newsletter Articles

An article highlighting the Continuing Education Plan is included in each Benefits newsletter and is archived here on our website.

CEP Article - June 2019

CEP – Lifelong Learning

From the desk of Rev. Paul Gehrs


So, they left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy and ran to tell his disciples.
Matthew 28:8

What is an important learning experience you had in the last few years? Something that keeps coming back to you. Something that continues to shape how you offer your service to the church and to the world.

Matthew points to a mixture of fear and great joy that marks the life of disciples who have encountered the good news. When I think of some of my more enriching and lasting learning experiences, I am aware of this mixture. There was some fear of delving into what was unfamiliar to me or highlighting what was missing in my practice of discipleship. But there was joy in learning and being transformed. And there was excitement to share my insights with other disciples in my faith community.

As we ponder the implications of the resurrection for faithful witness and life in community, here are four questions we might ask about our plans for life-long learning:
1. What do I want to learn?
2. What do I need to learn in order to enhance my service to my community/context?
3. What are the mission goals of my faith community?
4. How might I celebrate the learning experiences of those around me?

Continuing education can be done through workshops, classes, retreats, guided groups, individual coaching and spiritual direction. Expenses may include registration fees, travel, meals, accommodation or education course materials. Please see our website for more details.

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CEP Article - April 2019

CEP – Lifelong Learning

From the desk of Rev. Paul Gehrs

When you celebrate the value of continuing education, others in your context will be energized for curiosity, reflection and learning.Twice per year, employees and employers receive a summary statement for each member account. This statement is an opportunity to sit down together to review the mission goals of your congregation or organization and to mutually agree on learning goals.

In April, the ELCIC posted a new Mutual Ministry Guide in order to:

  1. Help nurture good and healthy mutual relationships between the ministries of the rostered minister and the church leadership.
  2. Encourage intentional and regular evaluations of congregational ministries, the staff and rostered minister based on their church mission goals within the context of your particular settings.
  3. Seek together opportunities for growth and renewal.

If you are wondering how to start a conversation about mission goals, this may be a place to begin.

We all have much to learn as we seek to faithfully live and act as Christ’s disciples. In recent months, in various circles, I have been hearing the observation that “We live in a time when the answers on how to proceed are not obvious.” This makes life-long learning all the more vital.

CEP offers the opportunity to pause and reflect, to develop knowledge and skills, to encounter new perspectives and resources, to deepen the spiritual practices of prayer/Scripture/worship and to experience growth for more effective ministry.

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CEP Article - March 2019

CEP – Lifelong Learning

From the desk of Rev. Paul Gehrs

As I write this, it is Ash Wednesday. In worship, I was invited to a life of self-examination, marked with ashes on my forehead and sent on my way [summarized] to:
Go into the world to serve God with gladness and;
…be of good courage;
…render to no one evil for evil;
…help the afflicted; honour all people;
…love and serve God, rejoicing in the Holy Spirit.

Lifelong learning is one expression of a life of self-examination. As God presents us with new opportunities, perplexing challenges and emerging contexts, we are called to discern how we need to grow, what we need to learn and who might help us get there. Honestly admitting I have something to learn may be the first step.

A conversation with your employer may be the second step. Serving God with gladness may lead to me to improve skills that are already part of my passion. Not being of good courage or feeling tempted to render evil may lead me to work on my spirituality through direction, coaching or a retreat experience. Trying to help the afflicted may call me to seek new skills in order to help in a good way. Honouring all people may drive me toward a deeper understanding of racism, systemic injustice and deeper truth about how I am called to be transformed.

What if it’s the Holy Spirit that calls us to learning for the good of our neighbour, just as the Holy Spirit calls us to lifelong loving and serving in God’s name?

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CEP Article - January 2019

CEP – Lifelong Learning

From the desk of Rev. Paul Gehrs

Happy New Year lifelong learners! New year – new beginnings – new opportunities – new goals.

As a way to remain diligent to learning goals, Members are expected to engage in at least 90 hours of continuing education over each three-year period.

Sometimes, good learning experiences come along that cost no money. For example, in 2018 some of the things I was able to attend in Winnipeg were:

  • An update on the TRC “Call to Action on #62”; teaching Indigenous history and reconciliation in grades K to 12.
  • A university lecture sharing research on creating sustainable communities.
  • A lecture by a Mennonite member of the World Council of Churches on the Spirituality of Peace-Building.
  • A forum on addressing poverty, sponsored by a community foundation.

Have you reported all your 2018 continuing education hours to ELCIC Group Services Inc.? Members are encouraged to submit continuing education hours, even when no funds were used.

Reviewing your CEP statement with your employer is part of the discernment process as you identify new learning goals and opportunities. Reporting all your hours helps round out the picture of your learning experiences over the last year.

You can report your continuing education hours to GSI, using the CEP Expense Reimbursement Form.

If you would like additional Information about CEP, feel free to get in touch with me at  or call 204-984-9156

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