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Monthly Premium Rates for Active Members

2020 dental & health rates

StatusDentalHealth & TravelHealth onlyTotal
to age 64Single74.00143.00217.00
to age 64Family148.00321.00469.00
age 65+Single74.00132.50206.50
age 65+Family148.00265.00413.00
AlbertaStatusDentalHealth & TravelHealth onlyTotal
to age 64Single75.50163.00238.50
to age 64Family151.00326.00477.00
age 65+Single63.00128.00191.00
age 65+Family126.00256.00382.00
Saskatchewan StatusDentalHealth & TravelHealth onlyTotal
to age 64Single57.00126.00183.00
to age 64Family136.00310.00446.00
age 65+Single53.00126.00179.00
age 65+Family106.00252.00358.00
ManitobaStatusDentalHealth & TravelHealth onlyTotal
to age 64Single64.00123.00187.00
to age 64Family149.00304.00453.00
age 65+Single53.00132.00185.00
age 65+Family106.00262.00368.00
OntarioStatusDentalHealth & TravelHealth onlyTotal
to age 64Single87.50184.00271.50
to age 64Family178.00382.00560.00
age 65+Single72.00142.00214.00
age 65+Family144.00284.00428.00
QuebecStatusDentalHealth & TravelHealth onlyTotal
to age 64Single88.50185.00273.50
to age 64Family180.00386.00566.00
age 65+Single73.00143.00216.00
age 65+ Family145.00286.00431.00
MaritimeStatusDentalHealth & TravelHealth onlyTotal
to age 64Single81.00170.00251.00
to age 64Family165.00354.00519.00
age 65+Single67.00131.50198.50
age 65+Family133.00263.00396.00

2020 Life & Disability rates

A premium of 4.0% of salary paid by the employer, includes a bundle of benefits some of which are taxable to the employee. The taxable rate is shown next to the item for your reference. We encourage you to use the Taxable Benefit Calculation worksheet to confirm your calculation. The benefits included in the bundle are:

  • life insurance (annual salary times 3, divided by 1000, times the rate of .232)
  • accidental death and dismemberment (.34)
  • dependent life insurance (4.712)
  • short term disability
  • long term disability
  • supplemental pay while on maternity or parental leave
  • employee and family assistance (short term counselling)

Why have National Rates?

  • It’s a group plan
    • the concept of a health plan is that everyone shares in the cost.
    • ELCIC is a national organization.
  • Health is not tied to a region
    • across the ELCIC there are members who use the benefits heavily and those who rarely make a claim. Some members have very expensive needs and other health concerns that can be resolved with a minimal cost. These dynamics are not necessarily tied to regions.
  • Provincial government medical plans are sometimes the first payer.
    • GSI recognizes that for certain types of health claims, Manulife is the second payer after a provincial health plan. These provincial plans vary, and therefore the cost to the plan may have different experiences by province. However, as we move to more co-pay, pooling underwriting for large claims, and spending accounts, those differences are reduced.
  • Group size
    • The ELCIC population is shrinking. As we do so, it becomes more challenging to accurately provide reasonable rates based on the individual claims experience. This is particularly challenging with the small groups that result from every province having separate rates.
  • New Design
    • The increased flexibility for members and congregations in selecting the type of plan that is most suited to their needs means that it is more practical to group rates according to like-design options rather than by region.

Why do Ontario and Quebec have Different Rates?

The base premium is the same for Ontario and Quebec as it is for the other provinces. However, in Ontario and Quebec, there are significant additional taxes applicable to premiums that cannot be shared with the other regions.

What happened to age 65+ rate category?

Previously, age 65+plan members were excluded from the travel health benefit. GSI is working towards eliminating age and class discrimination in the plan designs wherever possible. GSI was able to negotiate including the travel benefit for all active plan members, and therefore the 65+ premium rates are now consistent with the underage 65 members.